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Project EnergyConnect System Integration - Industry Update

Project EnergyConnect (PEC) industry update with a focus on system integration activities. The slide deck of the presentation can be downloaded from the link below.


We are aware of the significant interest in PEC among potential renewable energy and storage proponents keen to take advantage of the increased transmission capacity that will be enabled by the interconnection.

If you are a proponent interested in connecting to PEC, in many cases the connection process will be similar to current processes for connection to the transmission network. However, proponents interested in connecting to certain sections of PEC in NSW will need to take into account access arrangements relating to the South-West Renewable Energy Zone.

Read more about these access arrangements.

Project EnergyConnect Connections Framework

A connection assessment transition framework has been developed to inform developers what the pre-requisites are for connection applications, NER 5.3.4 approvals, registration and commissioning of projects directly connecting to Project EnergyConnect. Read more about the PEC connections framework below.

Considered Project status

Project EnergyConnect is a 'Considered Project' and new Connection Enquiries can be formally lodged and progressed.

To be classed as a Considered Project, the following conditions have to be met:

  • necessary land and easements have to be acquired;
  • all necessary planning and development approvals have to be obtained;
  • the project has passed the Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T); and
  • construction has either commenced or a firm date is set to commence.

View the Project's Considered Project status.

Cultural heritage studies - fact sheet

During the route selection process for the South Australian portion of the interconnector, ElectraNet liaised extensively with Traditional Owners to explain the Project and seek their views.

A search of the Register of Aboriginal Sites and Objects showed many recorded and registered sites within 20km of the proposed alignment, which was then adjusted to avoid those sites.

A series of on-site cultural heritage surveys was then undertaken in collaboration with Traditional Owners to ensure that construction and operation of the Project would not impact on any previously undiscovered sites, objects or remains.

This fact sheet summarises:

  • ElectraNet's approach to the management of Aboriginal cultural heritage
  • Findings from a review of non-Aboriginal cultural heritage in the South Australian project area.



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